The Nokia World 2011 keynote liveblog!

Sure, you may be fast asleep in your warm comfy bed back stateside, but we're here at Nokia World in London, gearing up for a Windows Phone-packed keynote with CEO Stephen Elop. The excitement begins at 9AM local time (translated to your time zone below), so tune in just before for the play-by-play.

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5:37AM Indeed, thanks again everyone for joining us! We'll be back with hands-on ASAP.

5:37AM "Again, welcome to Nokia World. It's new. It's now. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the day."

5:37AM Yeah, we're winding down here, folks. It's all procedural.

5:37AM Ooh, happy hour tomorrow.

5:36AM Winners will be awarded tomorrow.

5:36AM There'll also be a hackathon, to see what developers are doing instead of eating and sleeping.

5:36AM There are Speaker Corners, where you can talk to leading engineers and developers.

5:35AM There's a place called Experience where people can get their hands-on with these devices, play some Angry Birds, etc.

5:35AM He's giving us a rundown of what's up with Nokia World.

5:35AM Elop's off the stage, and Colin Giles is back up.

5:34AM "Thank you" says Elop. And thank you, says us!

5:34AM Everyone who "bleeds Nokia blue."

5:34AM Elop's calling today the "next step" in the company's long journey from a formerly small phone company. He's thanking customers, citizens in Finland...

5:33AM "Today, I hope you reveled in a few unexpected developments from Nokia, and yet I cannot leave the stage without acknowledging the significance of this moment."

5:32AM "Today is just the beginning of our new adventure here at Nokia."

5:32AM You can pre-order your Lumia starting today!

5:32AM Damn, Elop's going fast with all these numbers!

5:32AM The 800 will market for about 420 Euros, the 710 about 270 Euros.

5:31AM LTE and CDMA models will be introduced as local markets see fit.

5:31AM The 701 will hit Hong Kong, India, Russia, and Taiwan this year. Things will hit China in the first half of next year.

5:31AM "A number of additional markets" coming in 2012 -- including the US, presumably.

5:30AM Later comes Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore, and Taiwan before the end of the year.

5:30AM With "unprecedented marketing support."

5:30AM Italy too, releasing in November!

5:30AM Yes, it's a live boxing of a device. Shipping now to retail stores in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

5:29AM We're watching a boxing, a phone going into a box. "That's a real work of art."

5:29AM "Everyone's applauding for the fact that it's coming now." A little commentary from Stephen for you.

5:29AM The Lumia 800 is packing and shipping as we speak!

5:28AM Okay, we're getting a live feed to the factory in Finland.

5:28AM The 303 will be 115 Euros, 200 and 201 are 60 Euros. Again, all this year.

5:28AM The 300 will be 85 euros, and available this year.

5:27AM Elops up again

5:27AM When are these product available?

5:26AM Another commercial, people dancing, pouring things... dancing... riding bikes... dancing...

5:25AM That sounds dangerous.

5:25AM People will apparently be dressing up as live tiles and "running through traffic."

5:24AM Now he's showing how they built a sauna at a bus station in Germany.

5:24AM It's a dancy little clip. It's over now. Back to the liveblog.

5:23AM World premier of a 30 second television commercial!

5:22AM Smart tiles on walls? Smart tiles on busses? You know it.

5:22AM "We are going to fill the world with tiles, and it's going to look like this. We will literally fill cities with this awesomely cool UI."

5:22AM It's fingers and toes time...

5:22AM Don't worry, we're keeping count of how many times this guy says "amazing."

5:21AM "With the Nokia Lumia in your hand you can do everyday things in amazing ways."

5:21AM "Every day can be amazing." It really can.

5:21AM "We're launching Nokia Lumia with the huge idea: The Amazing Everyday."

5:20AM Steven wants to sell to 25-year-olds, believing that ads for that group will sell the devices to... older groups as well.

5:20AM He's going to show us how they're going to "inspire lust" in buyers.

5:19AM "I've been waiting for this moment, and working hard for this moment, for many months."

5:19AM Steven Overman is up to talk about Lumia marketing. Remember: this is a multi, multi million dollar effort.

5:19AM Nokia's also seeding more phones than ever before, so that everyone who has to sell the device will know about it. "For those people walking into the store we have to help them understand."

5:18AM Elop got a round of applause for that one. Holla if you like retail!

5:18AM 31 "operators and retailers" have signed on to help Nokia push these devices. More than any single Nokia launch in history.

5:17AM It extends Nokia's concept of "great design" and will surely take it to newly overpriced heights.

5:17AM Nokia's also partnering with Monster for the Purity line of headphones and buds.

5:17AM "That same partner enthusiasm is spreading across the ecosystem, unlike anything we've seen."

5:16AM Exclusive Cookie Monster app for the Lumia 800? There's a system-seller if ever we heard of one.

5:16AM He's mentioning partnerships with EA and Sesame Street for the Lumia line, but it's unclear what fruit that partnership will bear.

5:15AM "The reaction to these products and services has been phenomenal. The support from developers has been fantastic."

5:15AM There's also Nokia Live View, an augmented-reality browser that relies on the integrated camera.

5:15AM Elop's going to build, grow, and expand this -- even now. Nokia's announcing the Public Transportation app, which gives instant information on busses and trains in 450 cities.

5:14AM "We call this type of information: contextual knowledge."

5:14AM He's saying that Nokia Drive is just the beginning, that maps and nav are a way to connect the "real world" with the information behind it. "This helps you get from Point A to Point B, but taking it a step further, you can relate this information with activities."

5:13AM "We, I, our entire team are very proud of Lumia and everything it represents and everything it symbolizes. Lumia is light, it is a new dawn for Nokia, and yet these moments will continue."

5:12AM These two devices show "Nokia's mastery" of design, the company's visual and functional superiority.

5:12AM Okay, Kevin's off, just Stephen left.

5:12AM Kevin and Stephen are holding up the 800 and the 710. Kevin just called the 710 "affordable" but sadly we don't have any prices on either.

5:11AM You can replace the back cover with different colors. Kevin's showing off a blue backplate, but you can get different ones to match your live tiles.

5:11AM Comes in "stealthy black" and "crisp white."

5:10AM Same processor and graphics as the 800, but with a 3.7-inch ClearBlack display.

5:10AM "It really packs a punch."

5:10AM Of course, we already have a release for that. Someone at Nokia PR pulled the trigger a little early.

5:09AM Another device, the Lumia 710!

5:09AM They're calling another phone... a phone with great innovation and design...

5:09AM Stephen is calling up "big news" -- someone at Vodafone UK, apparently.

5:08AM Kevin's lingering on, trying to add "a little drama" to the proceedings.

5:08AM Stephen is back up, made a joke about a "few rumors and leaks" about the 800. Indeed there were.

5:07AM That's, well, a bit of a bummer for anyone on Mango elsewhere.

5:07AM All these are free with the 800, and again all are only for Nokia devices!

5:07AM What happens if you put a tile for the Rangers next to a tile for the Fliers?

5:06AM You can pin a single league or team to the start.

5:06AM Can look up stats, scores, news.

5:05AM The solution is the ESPN Sports Hub, unique to Nokia.

5:04AM "If you want to get a complete sports experience, you have to download and install multiple applications."

5:04AM Next thing: sports.

5:04AM C'mon people, clap a little, would ya?

5:04AM "You cannot get any easier. You gotta give me some applause for this."

5:03AM You can pin those mixes to the start screen as well. Just turn it on, tap on a live tile, and the tunes start flowing.

5:03AM Tap and hold on any mix and you can make it offline, downloading tracks for later playback.

5:03AM We're getting a little Goldfrapp on stage. Are you a Believer?

5:02AM Mix Radio gives you a bunch of preconfigured mixes. There's no subscription, no login, no password, just tunes.

5:02AM Nokia Music is a new way to find an experience music, with a feature called Mix Radio.

5:01AM He's talking about how awful music is... how hard it is to sync, to download. "It's too hard!"

5:01AM Okay, next up is music.

5:01AM The GPS lady has a nice voice.

5:00AM You can download maps to save on roaming charges, get a 2D or 3D view, and of course there's voice navigation.

4:59AM The solution? Google Navigation... or Nokia Drive on the Lumia 800.

4:59AM First up is navigation. "You probably know that on many phones today, if you want to get full turn-by-turn navigation, you're probably going to have to download an app, you're probably going to have to pay for it..."

4:58AM "Three things we've really invested in at Nokia to bring to the Lumia 800."

4:58AM He's talking up hardware accelerated graphics and HTML5 support.

4:57AM We're seeing Internet Explorer... BBC in particular.

4:57AM "One last thing on work and play... little bit of work, little bit of play."

4:57AM Kevin apparently likes Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Sonic 4 Episode 1, and Tentacles.

4:57AM Xbox Live demo now. Kevin's avatar is wearing capris. "My avatar looks exactly like me."

4:56AM Kevin's is sync'd up with Sharepoint and his own SkyDrive. 25GB of free storage for Kevin. Is that enough for all this excitement?

4:56AM No, really, it doesn't -- at least when it comes to mobile productivity.

4:56AM Okay, talking work. "It doesn't get much better than Microsoft Office."

4:55AM The phone will prompt you to tag people after you take the photo, making it easy.

4:55AM "We've delivered a camera that works great when used by ordinary people... you're more likely to share a picture that you're proud of."

4:54AM Jeebers, folks, optimized.

4:54AM f/2.2 aperture lens. "We've optimized the jeebers out of that flash."

4:54AM Talking about the camera. "This baby is packed with technology."

4:54AM "For me, connecting with my friends and family is often about pictures. I'm perhaps a bit lazy, but oftentimes an update is just a picture."

4:53AM "It makes connecting with my friends really, really easy. It's just great."

4:53AM You know, Mango stuff.

4:53AM We're seeing updates from the group, photos from the group...

4:52AM He's showing the groups functionality, digging into the Mango freshness.

4:52AM "Windows Phone automatically links together the contacts across services so I have one integrated view."

4:52AM "There's this great thing called the People Hub." So much for that idea.

4:51AM It's Windows Phone. It looks great, but we've seen all this many times before. How about something new, Kevin?

4:51AM He's walking over his apps -- Flixster, British Airways, tiles for friends and family.

4:50AM We will?

4:50AM Kevin really likes live tiles. He has two for weather, two for news. "I like to know where the weather is where I am and where I want to be. You sort it out."

4:49AM Take that lame icons!

4:49AM "What you don't see is a lame grid of application icons that sit there doing NOTHING."

4:48AM He's going to show us what he loves about the Windows Phone experiece.

4:48AM He's giving a realtime demo of the 800, an orange dot representing his finger position.

4:47AM There's a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens on the back.

4:47AM "The Lumia 800 is a uniquely Nokia device... it's no wonder the Nokia logo sits so proudly on the top of the screen."

4:46AM Inside voice, Kevin, inside voice.

4:46AM It's also, basically, an N9. "While it's a beauty on the outside, it's a BEAST on the inside."

4:46AM "It delivers outstanding antenna performance. This is a smartphone that defies convention."

4:46AM He's saying it "screams" premium, whereas Kevin simply screams.

4:46AM Kevin had a few too many coffees this morning...

4:45AM "It feels GREAT in your hand."

4:45AM He just screamed at the top of his lungs. We're awake now folks!

4:45AM "First of all, it looks AWESOME!"

4:45AM "With the Lumia 800, our ambition is to surprise you at every turn."

4:45AM Kevin is standing... silently...

4:45AM Introducing Kevin Shields, who's on stage.

4:44AM "Lumia is the first real Windows Phone." Wow, them's fighting words!

4:43AM Again, a walkthrough of design -- "agonizing over what we left out is as important as what we left in."

4:42AM Basically, it's an N9, no surprise there.

4:42AM "This is a simply elegant phone that brings a gentler structure to mobility."

4:41AM Lumia 800 is on stage!

4:41AM "We also believe the world is ready for something new. Something more integrated. Something more beautiful."

4:40AM "The line is blurring between smartphones and mobile devices." Death to the dumbphone, people.

4:40AM We're getting a little insight into the design of the phones, including the injection molding on the 201 to give a sensation of depth.

4:40AM These four phones represent something "deeply Nokia." He's talking about the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

4:38AM "We are seeing very encouraging signs that with the right offering we can help a billion people connect to the internet on their mobile device."

4:38AM Okay, Blanca's off, Stephen is back.

4:38AM 23 percent of those on a S40 device have never had an internet connection before, which is how Nokia is tapping into that next billion.

4:37AM This will, apparently, help Carla look up beauty tips more quickly. How about that.

4:37AM All the Asha devices come with a browser that is "powered by the cloud" and can compress things by 90 percent. That saves data charges and, in theory, speeds up browsing.

4:36AM "Is there anything else we can give Vivian, Francis, and Carla? Yes we can."

4:36AM Yes, Angry Birds on S40. If you thought those damn irritated avians are dominating the world now, just wait...

4:36AM If and when Carla has a moment of "idleness" she can play Angry Birds.

4:35AM It has WiFi and 3G, and Nokia Maps ready out of the box.

4:35AM She's going to love the Asha 300, with "beautiful, stylish finishes" and a capacitive touch screen. It has a 1GHz "engine" which is, apparently, "great for speed."

4:33AM Carla wants QWERTY, touch, a device that's "stunning in looks"

4:33AM Her words...

4:33AM We're meeting Carla in Mexico. Hi Carla! "She's a Latin girl, so she's demanding."

4:33AM "That was Shakira singing about Afria, which now brings me to Latin America."

4:33AM Music is playing, Blanca's dancing, it's a party in here!

4:32AM Up to 32GB of memory support. "Imagine how many songs that is." That's a lot of songs, Blanca.

4:32AM "With a personality as big as Francis has, surely messenging is not enough... Francis, we all know, wants to be the heart of the party, so of course we've given him an MP3 player."

4:32AM And to S40 in general.

4:31AM Francis is going to be delighed because they've brought WhatsApp Messenger to the 200!

4:30AM Why? Becuase it's green.

4:30AM Francis is apparently destined for the Asha 200, which has a "wicked personality."

4:30AM Yes, really. This Francis is, apparently, a popular guy!

4:30AM Francis wants QWERTY, but also needs dual-SIM -- one for friends and one for his girlfriends.

4:29AM "When he showed me he had 600 friends on Facebook I wasn't supposed to be impressed at all." That's good to hear.

4:29AM Okay, next subject: Francis.

4:28AM She'll apparently be delighted with the Asha 300. This gives her the keyboard she needs to keep on TXTing, but there's also a touchscreen up top.

4:27AM Vivan is apparently a TXTing fiend, but Vivna "wants touch."

4:27AM First is Vivian, a girl Blanca met in Beijing. She's "trendy and stylish" and wants a phone that works with her -- despite not having a lot of disposable income.

4:26AM She says making a product has to be "about love" and so she's talking about four "babies."

4:26AM It's "gotta be" affordable, easy to use, and inviting. It's gotta be "just great" says Blanca.

4:25AM "Now what does it take to make a product for consumers who are as demanding as any teenager? What does it take to give them the products they need? What does it take to get them to go into the internet?"

4:25AM "They want to ride the technology wave, they want to be cool... and why shouldn't they?"

4:24AM "The future is up to them to grab, and definitely they don't need to listen to mom."

4:24AM The median age is below 25 in many of these markets Nokia is looking at, more than half the population!

4:23AM "Think about the opportunity. In India today there are 1.2 billion people, but did you know there are only 63 million fixed internet connections."

4:23AM "No more, no more, no more." Stop, it, Blanca, stop it! You're scaring us.

4:22AM She's asking us to imagine something... a world with no Amazon, no eBay, no CNN, no email, no Wikipedia!

4:22AM "It's easy for us to take voice for granted, it's easy for us to take the internet for granted, so what does it mean to bring internet to the next billion people?"

4:22AM "When I was a kid growing up in India, 1 in 10 people had phones... that's 1 in 10 families, and usually your dad answered."

4:21AM She's VP of Mobile Phones Marketing and is talking again about "bridging the digital divide."

4:21AM Blanca Juti is on stage in beautiful Indian garb to talk about these new phones.

4:21AM We think we got that spelling right.

4:20AM He's introducing the Asha line: The 200, 201, 300, and the 303.

4:20AM Four new phones!

4:20AM "And today, we are introducing four new mobile phones that continue to blur the lines."

4:19AM Nokia produces 12 phones every second, and Elop wants to do even more!

4:19AM Oh, he's talking metaphorically, about new markets.

4:19AM "Who is the next billion? Who are these people?" They're probably very small, slightly cranky, enjoy being held by their mothers.

4:18AM He's talking about people setting up demonstrations with mobile phones, people running businesses, "bridging the digital divide" with mobile connectivity.

4:18AM "There is a lot more that we need to do. When we shifted our strategy we set out to connect the next billion people to the internet."

4:17AM He's saying demand has been "very strong." Russia had the highest pre-orders ever. How many of those were from people in other countries who couldn't get one locally?

4:17AM "We were very proud earlier this month when we shipped the Nokia N9 with its iconic user design... we built this product to examine how simple elegance can be easier to use."

4:16AM He's calling Anna and Belle "fresh" and "new," and Nokia now has seven devices with NFC. That makes it the leader, worldwide.

4:16AM "During this same period of transition we brought people six new symbian devices."

4:15AM He's talking about some smaller-scale innovations, like Easy Swap, so that you can swap SIM cards without restarting your phone.

4:15AM "We've had some difficult moments and some tough decisions to make."

4:15AM That caused a lot of stir at the time, but now... it just feels right, and we're ready to hear what's coming next!

4:14AM "That simply would not happen without change, so eight months ago here in London we outlined a new direction for our company." He's talking about the much-maligned shift to Windows Phone.

4:14AM More, more more. How do you like it, Stephen?

4:14AM "That's not enough. We want more."

4:14AM "Generally, people like Nokia. We are reliable, we're durable, we're trustworthy."

4:13AM It's nearly Halloween, so there may be other things waiting around corners too...

4:13AM "Mobile technology opens the door to thousands of these experiences... they're around every corner, waiting for you."

4:13AM "Whether it's a conversation with Telal, or me trying to understand my four teenage daughters, we are shaped by our experiences."

4:13AM "We are all shaped by our daily experiences, many of which help to make life more interesting."

4:12AM "He told me about growing up in Beirut under difficult times, and how he survived -- and even thrived -- under that very difficult time."

4:12AM He's saying how Beirut is the bridge between Europe and the Middle East, how the man juggles his business across crossing cultures.

4:11AM Anecdote time: "I had an interesting experience on my trip here to London. I met a man name Telal. This young, 20-year-old entrepeneur is from Beirut, but he spends a lot of time in London."

4:11AM "Good morning, and thank you for joining us here in London for Nokia World."

4:11AM He's about to introduce someone special... President and CEO Stephen Elop is on the stage!

4:10AM "It's been an exciting yet, at times, difficult year for us at Nokia."

4:10AM He's welcoming a number of "super users" -- people who answer online surveys. You know, die-hard Nokia lovers.

4:09AM "So many familiar faces" People from over 70 countries!

4:09AM Colin Giles is on stage, head of sales.

4:09AM "New now" is the big thing. We're not sure exactly what that means, but it sure is a new now!

4:08AM "New" is the theme here. New friends, new excitement, new now.

4:08AM ... surfing... more surfing.

4:08AM We're seeing those flowing icons flow around some people doing... interesting things. Skating, dancing, looking... unamused.

4:07AM Okay, looks like we're starting to go! Music is finally picking up.

4:06AM We just got a sneak-peek at the teleprompter. Spoiler alert: this is the biggest Nokia World ever. 5,000 participants this year! We're guessing that's not counting you, but we think you're a participant for sure.

4:05AM There's a giant "play" logo on the wall. Sadly it's out of reach or we'd be touching it to get things going...

4:04AM Lots of other fun things dancing around on the screen. Arrows, envelopes, keys, disembodied heads...

4:03AM Still waiting, still being lulled to sleep. Lots of city names floating across the screen. Distant lands. Is anyone awake in Moscow? What's going on in San Francisco right now?

4:00AM We would, of course, love it if you join us for the texual commentary, though.

3:59AM If you'd like, you can listen along for yourself. There's a livestream here:

3:58AM Remember Ecco the Dolphin? It's kind of like that, except our Genesis hasn't been hooked up in years.

3:58AM Press are rustling about, trying to stay awake in a sea of flowing chords.

3:57AM If you had any doubts that we'll be seeing some Windows Phones here today, there's what can only be described as a Windows logo being beamed on the wall, plus a few other silhouettes of... things.

3:56AM "Please take your seats, we are about to kick off." Seems the match is about to begin!

3:56AM The music is dreamy here, the colors blue and serene. It's a cerulean calm this morning, folks. Cerulean calm.

3:31AM And we're in! Press is seated near the stage, with rows and rows of stadium seating behind for everyone else.