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The Nokia World keynote is tomorrow -- get your liveblog here at 4AM ET!

What will the future hold for a post-MeeGo Nokia? Sure, we have a fairly good idea, but you have mere hours to wait until the rumors are confirmed. We'll be coming to you live from the company's keynote at Nokia World in London, where we're expecting not one, but multiple Windows Phones to make an on-stage debut. The show kicks off at 9AM local time, and we've included a handy list of round-the-world start times below. Bookmark this page right here and find out as it happens.

Psst... and toss your own time zone / day in comments below!

10:00PM - Hawaii (October 25th)
01:00AM - Pacific (October 26th)
02:00AM - Mountain (October 26th)
03:00AM - Central (October 26th)
04:00AM - Eastern (October 26th)
09:00AM - London (October 26th)
10:00AM - Paris (October 26th)
12:00PM - Moscow (October 26th)
05:00PM - Tokyo (October 26th)