Ubuntu and Dell rekindle their love, in China

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Ubuntu and Dell rekindle their love, in China
In 2007 Dell started a highly publicized experiment with loading Ubuntu on some of its machines. Suffice to say, it wasn't a resounding success -- despite Michael Dell's ringing endorsement. Though their relationship seems to have petered out (US customers won't find a single machine running Canonical's open-source OS on Dell's site), the two companies aren't quite ready file for separation just yet. The two are looking to rekindle their love by heading across the Pacific, to China. Initially the Linux-loaded lappies will be available in 220 retail locations across the country with accompanying branding to promote Ubuntu. Clearly only time will tell if this attempt to save their marriage will be successful, but we're pretty confident Chinese consumers will be more receptive to an alternative OS than Americans were. One more pic after the break.

Update: Turns out there are still a couple of Ubuntu-equipped machines available in the US, but only to business customers and the landing page that once championed their partnership has disappeared.
Dell and Ubuntu in China
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