Tesla Roadster to return in 2014, 3-Series fighter in the works

Didn't have enough time to count 10 million pennies before the original Tesla Roadster went out of production? Well you're in luck, because there'll be a successor. Space cadet and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Elon Musk, confirmed to Autocar that a new Roadster would return in 2014. Unlike its Lotus-based predecessor, the redux will apparently be based on Tesla's third-generation platform, which the automag muses will likely be built on a"shortened version of ... the Model S." Musk also noted that the platform will be more "mass-market," giving rise to more pedestrian cars "like BMW's 3 Series" -- his words, not ours. With the Model S sedan on its way, and the Model X after that, the company certainly has its work cut out for it. But, if either are as delightful as prior Teslas, that'll be reason to cheer.