New ArcheAge video shows off combat moves, giant mobs

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|11.06.11

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New ArcheAge video shows off combat moves, giant mobs
ArcheAge - PvE fight
While much has been made of ArcheAge's non-combat gameplay, the upcoming fantasy sandpark is no slouch when it comes to pew pew and sticking the pointy end into the other man. A newly released video compilation shows off many of the game's melee moves and spell-casting animations as well as a good cross-section of PvE mobs ranging from the mundane to the spectacular.

Apparently size matters to the devs at XL Games, as more than a few of the creatures on display dwarf the player characters taking them on. Whether you're into giant flying crabs, fearsome tree monsters, or hordes of undead, there's a little something for everyone in ArcheAge's newest combat clip. Check it out after the cut.

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