Ubisoft's Drawsome Tablet for Wii is cheaper than art lessons, probably about as fun (video)

If you miss the unbridled delight of messing around in Mario Paint, then the days of waiting for a modern solution may be over, thanks to Ubisoft's new Drawsome tablet for Wii. Unless, of course, you already picked up the THQ uDraw last year. On paper, it doesn't appear to be too dissimilar from THQ's offering -- you get a 6.5 x 5-inch drawing area and a stylus (unwired this time). Younger players can use the transparency layer to hold pictures of the teen-idol of choice for tracing -- masterpieces can then be transferred to an SD card. You'll also get two games: Drawsome Artist (where you can learn how to doodle Smurfs) and Sketch Quest, a four-player platformer where you build bridges to help the characters complete quests. No word on pricing (we don't expect it to cost more than the $70 uDraw) but it'll arrive in stores on December 6th, just in time for holiday shoppers to snatch them from the shelves. Catch the tablet in action after the break.

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New Drawing Peripheral for Nintendo's Wii™ System Bundled with Two Games

SAN FRANCISCO - November 8, 2011 - Today, Ubisoft® announced the development of the DrawsomeTM Tablet, a new drawing peripheral for the Wii™. Set to release exclusively in the United States on December 6, 2011, the video game tablet allows the entire family to show off their artistic creativity through an intuitive and engaging device. The Drawsome Tablet comes with two games, DrawsomeTM Artist and Drawsome Sketch QuestTM. Both games encourage players to unleash their creativity as well as challenge players to embark on fun family-friendly gaming adventures.

"Ubisoft is always looking for new ways to marry quality family time with a quality gaming experience," said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Ubisoft North America. "With the Drawsome Tablet, Ubisoft is bringing to the market a peripheral that will allow families to sit down together and create their own unique works of art while participating in fun, creative adventures."

The Drawsome Tablet features a large 6.5x5-inch screen that allows for unrestricted drawing movements and features an innovative transparency layer that covers the drawing area, so players can trace their favorite images. The tablet comes with a wireless stylus which means players movements will not be limited by a tether; the size, shape, and feel of the pen also allows for a user-friendly experience for children. Everything drawn on the tablet will be displayed in real time on a home television. Using an SD card, users will be able to easily share their masterpieces with friends and family.

In Drawsome Artist, players can draw, paint and color by sketching on their own or learning advanced art techniques step by step. They even can interact with their favorite characters from The Smurfs, the world renowned animated brand, and learn how to draw and color them thanks to a huge gallery of predefined models. Also included is Drawsome Sketch Quest, in which players embark on an adventure to help a variety of cute animals race through their world by drawing bridges, trampolines and more. With 40 characters and 80 levels there is never a dull moment in either solo play or family-friendly four person co-op.

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