Amazon offers its own PS3 holiday bundle

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Amazon offers its own PS3 holiday bundle
Whether you're looking to jump into the Sony waters or, like, the most generous gift-giver in existence, you may want to check out Amazon's hefty PS3 bundle. Along with a 160GB PS3 console and copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2 on Blu-ray (you know, Sony's latest console bundle), there's also a copy of Resistance 3 included, plus a media remote and a PS3 New Owner's Kit, which includes an additional controller, USB charge cable and a HDMI cable for the high-defs.

All of this will set you (or somebody who likes you a whole lot) back a sum of $370. To get the bundle, you'll have to head on over to Amazon and manually add the additional items to the PS3 system bundle pictured above. A bundle within a bundle! What will they think of next?
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