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Mobislyder offers low-level roll track for filming, gleams the cube

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You tried to shoot a quick handheld movie with your smartphone the other night. And it wound up looking like you shot it in the middle of an earthquake. Before putting your video editing application's "Analyze for Stabilization" feature to the test, have a gander at Glidetrack's Mobislyder. Essentially a combination of a roll track and a skateboard, the Mobislyder ships with a variety of mounts to fit a selection of smartphones, camcorders and compact cameras. This, combined with four non-rolling feet and a swivel mount, allow the Mobislyder to be used at almost any low angle. That thing you're peering at above is available for $135, which could be a solid deal for a good, steady, sliding platform to shoot from. Or, it could be $96 more than the parts you picked up from Radio Shack and Home Depot to perform the exact same function. A full video demo awaits after the break.

MOVE OVER Spielberg and Tarantino, the cinematic style of big movie making has gone viral with the launch of mobislyder - the world's first portable dolly designed specifically for smartphones and compact cameras.

The mobislyder, a new innovation from Glidetrack, the world's leading camera slider company, is set to revolutionise mobile device video production. Stylish and ultraportable, the mobislyder has been designed from the ground up to suit a broad range of small video-enabled devices - including iPhone, Android smart phones, smaller DSLR cameras and mini camcorders.

As video on demand becomes the medium of choice for businesses and individuals the mobislyder provides professionals and amateurs alike with the ability to create cinematic-style shots.

"For years sophisticated-looking camera moves were only available to professionals with big budgets and truck loads of gear. But now, with most camera devices capable of shooting HD video, mobislyder allows operators to take smooth tracking shots fit for the big screen -all with the sweep of a finger," said Alastair Brown, the 43-year-old UK entrepreneur who founded Glidetrack in 2008.

The name Glidetrack has now become synonymous with these types of cinematic gliding moves. There are literally thousands of user videos on YouTube and Vimeo created by people using the equipment to enhance the quality of their productions.

"We have been working on creating a smaller Glidetrack-style piece of equipment suitable for mobile devices such as iPhone and compact cameras for some time but until now the video quality wasn't quite there," said Alastair. "However, with the development of the iPhone 4S and other new generation devices capable of shooting full high definition video we fele the time was right to launch the mobislyder."

The new device, which retails at around £129 ($175 USD) but is being made available at a special launch price of £99 ($135 USD) in the run up to Christmas, is perfect for special occasions such as weddings, concerts, holidays, sports events, social media news reporting and even corporate promotions and PR videos.

With more than 200,000 videos uploaded to YouTube, and in excess of 1 billion views, every day the demand for good quality user generated content on the web is booming, especially among companies getting to grips with the value of video.

Various surveys into the impact of video suggests news releases with video links have a 300 per cent higher retention rate and 500 per cent more views than text only versions. Products promoted with video have reported increased sales of between 17 per cent and 36 per cent.

According to the latest industry figures total online video views are on track to grow by some 20% from 640billion last year to around 770billion this year while paid-for online video revenues will reach in excess of $3bn (USD). And with experts predicting sales of smartphones to exceed more than 450million worldwide this year volume is set to increase even more.

However, the more videos there are the more demanding and selective viewers are becoming.

"The days of shaky video being posted online are gone. People are becoming more demanding about what they watch which means companies or individuals need to improve the quality of their videos and mobislyder can help them do that," added Alastair.

"We see mobislyder as becoming the industry standard piece of gear for Ebay sellers, Amazon product videos, Bloggers - in fact anyone wanting to get high quality video on their site without breaking the bank."
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