Charter Cable boosts downloads to 100Mbps, keeps uploads limited to a modest 5Mbps

Charter Internet

Good news Charter customers, you're getting a speed bump! The DOCSIS 3.0-based cable service is boosting both download and upload speeds across all tiers of its service -- starting at the bottom with its Express package, which will be a 15 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up offering from now on. The "flagship" Plus level is getting its rates almost doubled from 18 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up to 30 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up, offering you plenty of bandwidth for streaming, torrenting and browsing all at the same time. The fastest connection is getting not just a new speed (100 Mbps down), but a new name -- Ultra 100. Sadly, your $60 a month for the big bits doesn't get you particularly blazing upload speeds. Charter's tops out at a pretty modest 5 Mbps up. Check out the PR after the break for a few more details.

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Charter Bringing More Power to Internet Users with Increased Download and Upload Speeds Options

12-01-2011 02:02 PM

Flagship service tier increased to 30 Mbps download with 4 Mbps upload

St. Louis, Missouri – A study conducted earlier this year1 predicts the number of devices connected to IP networks will be double the global population in 2015. It was 2009 when Charter Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: CHTR) first increased Internet speeds for its customers at no cost, and today the company did it again for a fourth time – increasing download speeds and at least doubling upload speeds on its most popular Internet service tiers at no additional cost.

Charter is answering the call from more users, devices, streams and apps seeking Internet connectivity with faster upload and download speeds, greater reliability and a superior experience.

In markets where Charter has deployed DOCSIS 3.0 technology, or approximately 95 percent of its Internet service area, the company is increasing Charter Internet Express download speeds from 12 megabits per second (Mbps) to up to 15 Mbps, and increasing upload speeds from 1 Mbps to up to 3 Mbps. Charter Internet Plus download speeds are being increased from 18 Mbps to up to 30 Mbps, and upload speeds are being increased from 2 Mbps to up to 4 Mbps. Charter's fastest residential offering is increasing from 60 Mbps download to up to 100 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload, and has been renamed Charter Internet Ultra100 to reflect the significant enhancement. Express and Plus speeds are also increasing in the remaining portions of Charter's service areas nationwide.

"The Internet is changing the way we watch TV, communicate with our friends and family, and engage in social and professional networks. When you're posting content online, we know it's important to have a fast, reliable connection, and we're committed to enabling the rapid sharing of content," said Rich DiGeronimo, Charter Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy. "With multiple connected devices in your home, you don't have to make tradeoffs with Charter Internet. You can use multiple gadgets simultaneously, and enjoy a rich experience with each one. The power of the Internet continues to grow, and Charter delivers more speed than ever."

Charter customer Stephen Bolen is the head of a household of three, with a continuously growing number of Internet-connected gadgets. "We've never had a problem scaling up, knowing that Charter Internet service would meet our demands," he says. "I'm usually browsing on my laptop, streaming video or uploading files to an FTP server for clients, while my wife browses on the tablet or her laptop. My daughter's data usage primarily comes from kids' shows and education apps."

Bolen grew up in the era of one-person-at-a-time on the desktop computer, and during that time no one could use the telephone. "That's all changed with Charter Internet," he says. "My family can be together, yet doing our own things. I'm glad my daughter is growing up this way."

"The value of the Internet can't be measured simply in megabits and gigabytes," said John Birrer, Charter's Senior Vice President, Customer Experience. "Our goal is to deliver the best experience with not only the fastest speeds, but also the most reliable, consistent Internet connectivity and highest quality customer service. Our customers deserve it, and we'll deliver it, now and in the future."