Chinese Motorola XT928 gets hands-on: less RAZR, more double-edged sword

China's own Motorola RAZRs have arrived, and have plenty to differentiate themselves from the Verizon-coated version available in the US. Thankfully, our colleagues over at Engadget Chinese have managed to get some intimate hands-on time with the dual-SIM capable XT928. Whether it's the upgraded 13 megapixel camera, or the 4.5-inch HD display crammed inside, this Motorola mobile arrives slightly chunkier than the RAZR we're used to. In fact, it looks more like a distant cousin than a simple variant. A not-particularly tapered backing is now removable, giving access to the two SIM card slots. Ports and buttons have also been rejigged, although the main difference is certainly the carrier's decision to opt for network flexibility over the wafer-thin styling and Kevlar credentials of its fellow Moto countryman, China Mobile's MT917. See how they both measure up against the Droid RAZR in an awkward family portrait after the break or check the full gallery (and some hands-on footage) at the link below.