Report suggests Apple had best November ever

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Report suggests Apple had best November ever

If you think Apple's finances have been flying high in 2011, just wait. A report by Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities shows that the company's supply chain is showing record sales for November. In turn, that could indicate record sales for Apple products during the holiday season.

As reported on AppleInsider, White watches the "Apple Barometer," an index of Taiwanese suppliers who make the components for Apple's products. Over the last six years, the barometer has shown an average two percent month over month growth.

The numbers for November were huge, with supply chain sales up a full 17 percent over those for October. The October numbers were a bit lower than usual due to Apple ordering many Macs, iPad 2s, and iPhone 4S units during the previous quarter, and that was reflected in the lower Apple stock prices seen in November.

In the last quarterly earnings conference call, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer told analysts that he expected Apple to set new company records for iPhone and iPad sales during the December quarter. The Apple Barometer numbers seem to indicate that Oppenheimer's forecast was right on the money, and Apple's stock should move higher as a result.

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