The Secret World unveils new horrific creatures

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The Secret World unveils new horrific creatures
Enjoy the nightmare fuel.
More creepy-crawlies are emerging from the shadows to join the ranks of Funcom's upcoming horror-inspired title, The Secret World. The studio revealed today three new creatures that players will face in-game: the Bogeyman, Jack O'Lantern, and the mud golem. The first of the three, the Bogeyman, should be familiar to anyone who was once a child (if any of you weren't, please let us know). He is "a being of pure evil" who feeds on fear, and considering that terrible visage up there, we doubt he ever goes hungry.

Meanwhile, Jack O'Lantern, is some poor sod who fell under a wicked curse, and is now driven only by vengeance and bloodlust. To take advantage of his pumpkin head, Jack O'Lantern tends to bury himself beneath the ground in pumpkin patches in order to take passers-by by surprise. And finally, we have the mud golem, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. A being of pure earth, the mud golem is created for one purpose: to perform the (almost certainly nefarious) will of its master. For the full details on each of these creatures, head on over to the official site.
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