[Updated] Win a free Guild Wars costume set from Massively!

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[Updated] Win a free Guild Wars costume set from Massively!
Vision of Lyssa costume
[UPDATE: All winners have been selected and contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered!]

ArenaNet kicked off the Guild Wars Wintersday celebration yesterday in a familiar way: by adding new costumes to the NCsoft store for Guild Wars fans. There are two costume sets, each available individually or -- for a limited time -- as a discounted bundle containing both sets for a total of $9.99 US.

If that's a little much for your wallet during the holiday spending season, Massively's riding to the rescue. We've got 15 codes for the costume bundle packs to share with you guys! All you've got to do in order to enter is leave a comment here wishing us a Happy Tyrian Wintersday. We'll pick out our 15 favorite Wintersday wishes as soon as the entry deadline hits, and then we'll send the codes on their way.

When is the deadline, you say? That would be tomorrow, December 17th, at noon EST. Check out the contest rules below for eligibility, leave those Wintersday wishes, and good luck!

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