Layering a transmogrification look from the Darkmoon Faire

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|12.22.11

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Layering a transmogrification look from the Darkmoon Faire
So maybe you don't want to wear one of the umpteen million tier sets or dungeon sets out there. You want to look different, unique, stand out in the crowd ... we get the picture. There's an art to putting together a transmogrified look without just picking up a labeled set, and it involves the careful use of layering. Check out the couple above, from poster fwerp on Reddit, who have taken layering and off-set pieces and turned out a couple of outfits that are sure to have them blending in with the Darkmoon Faire crowd.

What's shown above is a set of roleplay outfits -- note the lack of spaulders -- but all it takes is a little creativity to toss together a look just like it, one that you can transmogrify for your own use. These are both cloth sets, so casters, if you're looking for something other than the usual robe and glowing shoulders getup, take a peek after the break and see how you can put this together for yourself!

Outfit #1

The purple and green flair of the Eldr'naan set is the highlight of this particular ensemble. The Eldr'naan set is a level 68 green set that is a random world drop -- so you'll want to farm in Outlands if you're looking for these particular pieces and keep an eye on the Auction House for any green pieces that may be up for sale.

The boots, staff, and gloves on the other hand can all be found via low-level questing as quest rewards. Cataclysm added a whole new selection of low-level quest reward items that are suitably fashionable for the Azerothian traveler. If you haven't done any of the old world quests, now would be an excellent time to do so. As a caster, you'll want to keep any nice-looking cloth gear that you happen to get from questing. With the addition of void storage, you should have plenty of space to store anything that manages to catch your eye.

And don't forget your local crafters -- the goggles pictured above are the Green Tinted Goggles created by engineers. Unlike many of the engineering items, these are not soulbound. They are, however, cloth gear. While casters can don these through transmogrification, other classes are out of luck.

Outfit #2

This particular set is topped with the Darkmist Wizard Hat -- one of several witch hat models available in game. And hey, who needs proper boots anyway? Aerie Boots aren't really boots at all -- they're shoes with a nice little bit of detail on them. All of the items in this outfit are random world drops from various places on Azeroth; no need to do any low-level questing with this particular outfit.

The Diviner Long Staff may seem like an odd choice to cart around. It's hardly the size of a proper caster staff. But with its odd twists and curls, it's reminiscent of the eerie forests surrounding the Darkmoon Faire at its new and somewhat creepy location.

The key to both outfits shown is in something that a lot of players have forgotten about -- shirts! Tailors can craft a whole host of shirts in varying colors, perfect for layering under a tunic or vest. Check with your local tailors for shirt options, or for fancier fare, head to the Threads of Fate in Dalaran. Karandonna sells a variety of shirts and doublets for gold, and like any vendor in Dalaran, the higher your rep, the lower the prices.

Most casters out there are used to wearing robes by now, but transmogrification allows casters to dress in trousers and tops if they want to. You know what that means -- no more big blue dresses! If you've been dying to wear something other than a skirt, transmogrification makes it easy.

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