12 Days of Joyswag: Nintendo 3DS plus eight games (and a ton of Skylanders)

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12 Days of Joyswag: Nintendo 3DS plus eight games (and a ton of Skylanders)
Another year, another 12 days of holiday giveaways! Between now and Christmas Day, we're doing the one thing that makes us feel truly alive: giving. Specifically, we're giving you fine folks some of the swag we've managed to collect in our cluttered home offices. And the good will and merriment doesn't stop here! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for even more chances to win!

Here we are, Christmas Eve. To pre-celebrate pre-Christmas, we're giving away a Flame Red Nintendo 3DS along with a pile of 3DS games. Here, let us list them for you:
  1. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (plus a gob of figurines!)
  2. Cave Story 3D
  3. Star Fox 64 (plus ... scarf?)
  4. Thor: God of Thunder
  5. Pokemon Rumble Blast
  6. Tetris Axis
  7. Super Mario 3D Land
  8. Resident Evil: Mercenaries
Not a bad haul, right? All you have to do to be eligible to win this bounty is follow the rules found right past the break.

To enter this giveaway:
  1. Leave a comment telling us when and where you play portable games.
  2. You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the U.S. or Canada (excluding Quebec).
  3. Limit 1 entry per person per day.
  4. This entry period ends at 11:30PM ET on Tuesday, December 27.
  5. At that time, we'll randomly select one winner to receive a Flame Red Nintendo 3DS and eight games (Total ARV: $490)
  6. For a list of complete rules, click here.

What is Joyswag? Since we don't keep the games and merchandise we receive for review or promotional purposes, it becomes "Joyswag," which is passed along to our readers. Please note that Joyswag may be in "used" condition.

For more info on our policy, click here.
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