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Trion hiring for untitled SyFy action MMO, looking for XBox 360 programmers

Eliot Lefebvre

With RIFT launching in the very near future, Trion Worlds is resting on its laurels and doing absolutely nothing... by which we mean the exact opposite. The team is looking for new staff to help develop the yet-unnamed action MMO created in partnership with SyFy, currently just named the "SyFy Action MMO." This in and of itself is good news for those who had thought the project had been abandoned, but it gets even more interesting when you realize that two of the jobs are targeting XBox 360 programmers.

Assuming that the game is targeting the 360 -- which seems likely under the circumstances -- it would join Final Fantasy XI as one of the only MMO options on the console. That would be a significant boon from a marketing perspective, as would the show/game integration promised back when rumors first began surfacing. The 360 programmers are not explicitly linked to the long-dormant game, but neither are they linked to the two existing games in Trion's stable. Although the job listing alone doesn't promise a future for the game, it's a step in the right direction for what might be a very different take on MMOs after all.

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