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WoW Moviewatch: Dead and Loving It


Dead and Loving It is a song and machinima by Greyfoo and EmberIsolte. The human noobie in the frame story is voiced by Bullworth. A video with all three of those folks just can't go wrong, and Greyfoo's animation is as awesome as ever.

The interesting thing about this video is that it has a frame story. A human noobie wanders up to an undead warlock, who's busy rocking out to some "fine music." The human is curious, accepts the price to hear the Forsaken melody, and only later cames to regret his action.

While the song is beautiful and probably should take up its own throne in iTunes, the end result of story plus song makes Dead and Loving It special. EmberIsolte's voice is gorgeous, and Greyfoo nails his overall composition. Really, this video was just a breath of fresh air.
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