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Skype video calling coming to Android, demoed on the Droid Bionic (updated: official!)

Joanna Stern

You know that front facing camera on Motorola's LTE Droid Bionic? Well, it looks like you will be able to use it to make Skype video calls very soon. We were hanging around the Motorola booth early this morning and while playing around with the new 4.3-inch phone we noticed a "Skype demo" application. One click on the application revealed that the video calling capability, which just became available for the iPhone, will be heading to Android soon. There wasn't a working app, but the video demo clearly showed how easy it will be to log into Skype, pull up your contact list, and make a video call over Verizon's next generation network. We've got a few pictures below and a short video is on the way. Now we just need Skype to make this official at its press conference in just a few hours...

Gallery: Skype video calling demo on Droid Bionic | 14 Photos

Update: Verizon just announced that Skype video calling will be coming to all the LTE smartphones -- aka Android handsets. Details in the liveblog...

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