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Nyko's 2011 CES lineup includes 360 S Intercooler

Justin McElroy

As many times as we've tried to write about Nyko's lineup for CES 2011, we're having a hard time shaking the feeling that someone is watching us while we work. We keep writing these hilarious jokes about how we're glad there are two different plastic gun peripherals for the Move (larger Power Shot and pistol-shaped Perfect Shot, also available in Wii flavor), just so we can [punchline, punchline, punchline]. But when we go to fill in the brackets with chuckle cream, a chill shoots down our spine and we know that somewhere someone, or something, is glowering silently.

Wait, is it ... could it be? Could it be that the Xbox 360 Slim-shaped Intercooler STS is the unthinking, unfeeling cyclops making our delicate work so difficult? ... What's that? What do you mean you don't see it? Here, let us help:

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