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Bungie web domains, copyright filings discovered for 'Seven Seraphs,' 'Osiris,' 'New Monarchy,' and 'Dead Orbit'


This past summer, while we were busy jamming to Beach Boys classics and getting our tan on, Bungie was secretly filing copyright claims for a handful of previously unheard phrases and associating web domains with each. "Seven Seraphs," "Osiris," "New Monarchy," and "Dead Orbit" were all copyrighted by the developer, and domain registrations have been spotted. Like the previous "Bungie Aerospace" domain registration, a third-party company was paid to handle the paperwork, lest a paper trail lead back to Bungie (ahem).

Supererogatory discovered the domain registrations and copyright filings, and noted that while the phrase's descriptions denote them as "artwork," that description can also include "all sorts of promotional and marketing, like logos." Perhaps logos for that super secret Activision project (the one that might have a persistent world)? We just don't know (yet).

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