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EVE's December CSM summit minutes released


Several years ago, EVE Online developer CCP Games instituted the Council of Stellar Management, a player-run advisory committee on game design. The members of the council are voted for by players, making the CSM a democratically elected group with direct access to developers. The council has had a significant impact on the game, having pushed through such important changes as the titan doomsday nerf and the introduction of a 24-hour skill queue. Players can raise issues or suggestions to the CSM through the official assembly hall forum. Every six months, the council meets with CCP's developers in Iceland to discuss all the important issues players have raised.

In an effort to keep the dealings of the CSM transparent, the minutes of each council session and Icelandic CSM summit are published openly. The first round of minutes from EVE's latest bi-annual CSM summit have now been released, with a further two rounds of meetings to be released within the next week. Topics covered in the first set of minutes include a new EVE forum, the possibility of a permanent CCP-administered charity, talks on the CSM process, and potential CSM activities at Fanfest 2011. For those interested in exactly what went on in the CSM summit, the full minutes of these meetings are publicly available on the EVE website.

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