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X-Men: Destiny previewed in OXM UK


The latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine UK contains the first in-depth preview of Silicon Knights' X-Men Destiny, as summarized by affiliate CVG, and would seem to confirm the game for Xbox 360 (though the game's official target platforms remain unannounced). The article reveals that the game will emphasize the "tough decisions that an average X-Man has to make" and will feature a darker tone than some past takes on the X-Men. Destiny is said to unfold when anti-mutant sentiment is at an all-time high, with mutant hate crimes an everyday occurrence. The X-Men have suffered some kind of loss, pushing players toward pivotal "decision moments" in the game.

Players will select from three different characters, according to the OXM preview, each a child of a "human zealot," one of the card-carrying members of the anti-mutant establishment. Memorable mutants will make appearances -- Gambit, Magneto, Quicksilver and Surge are mentioned by OXM -- along with an X-Gene upgrade system through which players can modify their unique powers by borrowing genes from other mutants. Apparently splicing isn't as big a deal in the Marvel Universe as it is in other places.

The full, four-page preview is featured in issue 69 of OXM UK.

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