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Itagaki's Valhalla Game Studios sharing tech with Relic for Devil's Third


Among the many things touched on by THQ Core Games head Danny Bilson in his speech this morning was Tomonobu Itagaki's post-Team Ninja home, Valhalla Game Studios. Rather than speak to when we'll hear more about Devil's Third, Bilson outed Itagaki's current location: Vancouver, Canada.

Apparently, the head of Valhalla Studios and some of his team are "in Vancouver at Relic Studios, partnering with Relic on a few really cool aspects of the technology in their game." Bilson brought this up in an effort to explain how THQ treats, "all our external teams as internal teams" -- Relic Entertainment is owned by THQ, while Valhalla is self-owned -- and that means sharing technology on a regular basis. We later clarified with Bilson that this means Relic is contributing in some way to Devil's Third (rather than vice versa), leaving us to speculate what this could mean Devil's Third -- an extra space marine or two? Some form of hybrid ninja slash marine thing? Ohhhh, right, that already exists. How could we have forgotten?

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