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Johnson Controls Connected Center Stack plays nice with a quartet of smartphones, we go hands-on

Tim Stevens

Smartphone integration in your car's head unit isn't of all that much use if it's only going to play nice with one brand or another (we're looking at you, Mini Connected). Johnson Controls is being rather more open with what it's calling the Connected Center Stack, basically a framework that OEMs and aftermarket radio makers can build upon to create their ultimate infotainment system. It quite naturally connected and played audio over USB or Bluetooth, augmenting that with support for Pandora and even Terminal Mode, as implemented on a Nokia N97, replicating the phone's UI exactly. There are both touchscreen and jog dial controls, and the unit can get data either directly from a smartphone or through a USB connected 3G modem. Or that's the theory, at least. The unit on display was a little buggy and not reliable enough for us to get a video of it in action, but with any luck it'll be cleaned up and hitting production center stacks... eventually.

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