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Case-Mate, Scosche announce Verizon iPhone cases will be available for debut


Would you buy a Verizon iPhone in February if not for the crippling fear of running it without a case? Apple moved the mute and volume buttons on the new iPhone just enough to render most existing cases useless, sending scratch-o-phobes into spasms of anxiety.

Fear not, for Case-Mate and Scosche have you "covered." Each company has announced its intentions to have cases ready for the Verizon iPhone on launch day. Case-Mate will have a full line-up ready, and you can sign up to receive up-to-the-second, patience-be-damned notification of when they become available.

Scosche will offer a black and white version of their kickBack series (shown above), which they promise to have ready "on or before" February 10. We suspect other manufacturers are developing their own solutions right now.

One interesting question is what Apple will do to its own Bumper line. Surely it would be ridiculous to offer two lines, one for AT&T and one for Verizon. Perhaps the hole on the side will just be widened in order to accommodate either. We'll know soon enough.

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