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Millienial Media report says Apple still top manufacturer and growing, travel apps busy last quarter


Millenial Media has released its final report of 2010 about advertising requests on its network, and Apple remains the king of mobile advertising on the network. For the last 15 months, Apple has been the top manufacturer, and ad requests on the network for Apple devices are still growing -- 12% from third to fourth quarter in 2010, and 14% over the entire year. iPad requests of ads specifically have jumped 280% in the last quarter.

That doesn't mean Android is out of the running, however. Android beat out iOS in terms of impression shares, with a 46% network share as compared to iOS' 32% share. Android also took 55% of the revenue on the network, as opposed to 39% for Apple's devices. Verizon saw its share of impressions go up 2% in December, and it'll be interesting to see how that network's ad revenues grow with that new handset we've all heard so much about.

Finally, Millenial says that ad requests on travel and vacation apps doubled in the last quarter of 2010, showing that users who were traveling and away from home still stayed connected to their mobile devices, using apps while on the road and on vacation. That's not too surprising since December is one of the busiest travel times of the year. What's interesting is how much travelers are depending on their smartphones for information and updates while out and about. This is a trend that will only increase next year as smartphones grow more and more ubiquitous. You can read the whole MobileMix report over here.

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