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SOE's Smedley talks platforms, sub fees, and DCUO post-release content

Jef Reahard

While thousands of DC Comics fans are rolling up spandex-clad superheroes (and villains) in SOE's newly launched DC Universe Online MMO, SOE itself is busy extolling the virtues of what some are calling the first real console massively multiplayer title. In an interview at Eurogamer, SOE boss John Smedley talks a bit about the challenges of building an MMO for two platforms simultaneously.

"This game is built from the ground up to be playable on both the PlayStation 3 and PC, so it really makes a big difference as opposed to just porting it," he said. Smedley goes on to answer a few questions related to the size of the post-release development team (between 50 and 75 people) as well as whether or not the much-hyped monthly content updates will carry a charge above and beyond the sub fee (they won't).

"The monthly subscription fee means players can expect a lot of new content from us. And I say a lot -- I really mean that. This is something that we feel obligated to the players, because they are paying monthly sub fee," Smedley explained. Check out the full text at Eurogamer and hit up the official DCUO website for more info on the game.

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