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TUAW's Daily App: Brutal Fantasy


Brutal Fantasy: The Orcs of Undermountain is an interesting mashup of action and role playing. The actual gameplay is a beat-em-up like the old Golden Axe and Double Dragon games. You play as a knight battling through all kinds of different minions and bad guys, using a virtual D-pad and action buttons to hack, slash and cast various spells along the way. But the game is also an RPG -- there's a story to play through, which is drawn comic book style, and you can level up stats, get new loot and upgrade as you see fit. The art style is pretty distinctive -- it's all done by Joel "Drakxxx" Rose, and while it might take a little getting used to, everything is very detailed and stylistic. One word of warning: when the title says "brutal," it ain't kidding around. You'll see lots of blood and limbs spraying around in this one.

The full game is US$1.99, and it comes with Game Center integration and universal compatibility, with enhanced graphics on the iPad. That's a pretty good deal already, but if you're not yet sold you can play through the Prologue version of the game for free. It's short, and it has ads, but it should give you a good idea of just how much fun the full game is.

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