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Apple G4 turned into a mailbox


We love mods of older Apple hardware and the resurgence of this oldie but goodie is no exception. Spotted and photographed in the Te Atatu suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, this classic mailbox features a gutted G4 that has been modified into a mailbox, complete with a front flap and address numbers. Stuck waist-high on a post, this novel use of non-functional Apple products brings new meaning to the words "You've got mail."

We have seen several other G4 and G5s used creatively in the past, including our favorite G4 cube aquarium, which turned a gutted and cleaned G4 cube into a stunning Maquarium. We also have the defunct G5 that was morphed into a clock and the simplistic, yet practical G4 tower table that was lovingly placed outside as a stylish shelf. Any other mods you have seen, or perhaps even done yourself, that are worthy of a shout out?

[Via WeLoveApple]

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