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Reminder: Nintendo 3DS event tomorrow at 9am EST / 6am PST, we're there live

Tomorrow's the big day: Nintendo's 3DS preview event in New York City. We already know a lot about the no-glasses-needed 3D handheld, but we've got just as many blanks that need filling in ... like the price, or the North American release date. And perhaps there may be a couple "unexpected revivals" in store as well. And it all goes down just over twelve hours from now at the times listed below. Check back tomorrow, Wednesday, January 19th at this URL for our liveblog!

04:00AM - Hawaii
06:00AM - Pacific
07:00AM - Mountain
08:00AM - Central
09:00AM - Eastern
02:00PM - London
03:00PM - Paris
05:00PM - Moscow
10:00PM - Perth
10:00PM - Shenzhen
11:00PM - Tokyo
01:00AM - Sydney (January 20th)

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