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The hidden secrets inside Apple icons

David Quilty

We all like our apps, right? We especially like some of those beautifully designed OS X icons that Apple has created through the years. But did you know that a few of those very same icons have some secret meanings that many people don't know about? Thanks to Electricpig, we can now understand the secrets, history and even inside jokes that those Apple icons put on display but many of us miss.

From the map on the iPhone's Maps icon being 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino (Apple's home base) to the iPod artist silhouette being of one-time Apple partner Bono to actual Java code written on the napkin in their Java icon, Apple has a long history of embedding secret meanings and Easter eggs in their icons.

While some Apple fans may own a limited-edition print of the original Mac OS icons or even felt keychains in the form of iPhone icons, not too many of us know all the secrets inside our icons -- until now. The majority of the secrets exposed in the article are true, but readers should note that a few stand out as potentially incorrect or just a creative guess. For instance, "Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet Etiam" found on the Apple Dictionary icon doesn't mean "Hello world! Etcetera" as mentioned, but rather is a corrupted version of a Cicero passage commonly used as filler text when laying out pages. And as for creative stretch, well, we highly doubt that the Find my iPhone icon has a map of New York City on it because Steve Jobs once had an apartment there. But it's certainly an interesting idea!

Do you know any other hidden secrets in either OS X or iOS icons that were missed? If so, please be sure to let us know about them!

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