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Griffin adapter attaches iPad to mic stand, calls it Mic Stand Mount for iPad


A few weeks ago we mentioned IK Multimedia's iKlip -- an adapter that attaches your iPad to almost any mic stand. Around that same time, Griffin announced its own version of a similar apparatus at CES 2011: the aptly if not bluntly named Griffin Mic Stand Mount for iPad.

Griffin describes Mic Stand Mount for iPad as follows.

  • Mount your iPad on a mic stand
  • Screws onto industry standard (5/8" 27-thread-per-inch) microphone stands
  • Fully adjustable tilt and swivel; locks safely and positively into landscape or portrait orientation
  • Rubber inserts securely grip your iPad on its four corners
  • Full access to volume controls, dock connector and audio jack
From the pictures we've seen, these two mounts look very similar in form and function, but -- unless our eyes deceive us -- we're inclined to say the Griffin mount looks slightly more sturdy than the iKlip (but we can't say for sure until we get to try them out for ourselves in the real world).

However, there appears to be one significant difference between the two. The iKlip attaches to the neck of a mic stand -- leaving the actual head of the stand free to hold something else (like a mic). The Griffin Mic Stand Mount for iPad, on the other hand, is secured to the head of a mic stand alone. This basically means, if you're a singer / instrumentalist, you'll need a separate mic stand if you go for the Griffin mount.

The Griffin Mic Stand Mount for iPad is priced at US$39.99 and will be available later this month.

[Via Pocket-lint]

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