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Pirates of the Burning Sea celebrating third anniversary with a new build

Jef Reahard

It's been a couple of months since Flying Lab Software opted to steer its Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO into free-to-play waters. In the interim, the seas have been smooth and things have been pretty quiet in terms of updates. Flying Lab hasn't been resting on its laurels however, and has just released extensive patch notes for the update that ties in with the game's third anniversary.

First up is a new mission and series of minigames (and a new coat reward item) accessible from the Royal Society NPC in your nation's capital. Treasure Aisle, the game's item shop, also features time-limited extras in the form of a black cockatoo and a celebratory monkey (yes really).

In other patch-related news, San Juan has been given an extensive graphical overhaul, a new live event chat channel has been added, and a boat load of stability and performance fixes have been introduced. Read the rundown on these -- and many other -- tweaks, additions, and fixes at the official Pirates of the Burning Sea website.

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