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WoW Moviewatch: Deathwing: The Doom Song


Deathwing: The Doom Song began its trek to fame when it was referenced by Takralus, a Blizzard community manager. This video is pretty bite-sized. The piece is a Deathwing-based video over the soundtrack from Invader Zim's Doom Song. This is 3mmique's first machinima. The graphics aren't actually bad for the creator's first time out, and the video has certainly achieved notoriety in its debut.

Ultimately, though, I laughed at this video. I'm not sure I can rate it as a great video or the best video ever or anything like that. But it made me laugh, and everyone I know who's seen it admits it's at least vaguely amusing. So with that, at least, it's a job very well done.

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