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One-thousand-Gnome race invades WoW's Horde capital

What do you do when you've finished a World of Warcraft-centered show and you have time on your hands? If you're the guys from Legendary over on GameBreaker.TV, you gather up an obscene number of friends and viewers and have the mother of all roving dance parties on the way to the ultimate goal. Not content to rest on their laurels of dragging 300 young Orcs into battle with Gamon, this time they managed to gather up a thousand starting Gnomes to rampage across the landscape of Azeroth, ultimately ending in a confrontation by any means necessary with Garrosh Hellscream.

Of course, huge races across World of Warcraft aren't a new idea. Anyone who has played the game for years has undoubtedly heard of one at some point -- if not taken part. With that said, herding 1,000 footbal...err...Gnomes is definitely a hectic, crazy thing to do, especially when mobs are intent on taking bites out of your racers. Add in some excellent video editing, music, and the odd snippet of commentary, and what's old is new again. You can check out the video of the Legendary crew's epic after-party behind the break as they attempt to prove that there's no race like Gnome.

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