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iPad multi-touch gestures will be withheld from iOS 4.3


There's bad news for those anticipating multi-touch gestures in iOS 4.3. It seems that the feature won't be a part of the public release. Engadget and others have confirmed that the feature is just a developer preview, so no ninja-level pinching and swiping for us normals.

That's unfortunate, as it looks very cool. After the break, there's a video demonstrating some multi-touch features on an iPad running an iOS 4.3 beta. In a nutshell, gestures let you use pinches, swipes and so on to move between applications, history, etc. on your iPad. We saw a patent application for multi-touch gestures back in April of 2010.

While cool on the iPad, gestures are somewhat troublesome on the iPhone, as your hand easily covers the entire screen. Would you want to do that with your iPhone? The question is moot, as we won't be getting the feature for a while.

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