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Blaze announces its own Move gun attachment

You know what they say: You can never have too many gun-shaped peripherals in which to dock your PlayStation Move controller, unless, of course, you already have two, in which case, you do in fact have too many. (Trust us, people say that all the time.) However, assuming you haven't already indulged in one of the Move gun attachments already on the market, you may want to take a look at Blaze's recently revealed stab shot at violence-ing the peripheral.

As you can see by the product image above, it's replaced the sci-fi blaster feel of Sony's first-party gun attachment with a slightly more realistic pistol motif. Well, there's still a huge, colorful ball at the end of the whole production, which we're pretty sure real guns don't have. Regardless, this bad boy will arrive next month at British retailers for an asking price of £9.99.

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BLAZE shoot to kill with their new futuristic gun attachment for PS3 Move shooting titles

Enhanced feel and realism for trigger happy PS3 Move gamers

19th January 2011

BLAZE have today announced the ultimate accessory for PS3 Move shooting
titles. Sharp shooting gamers can now become completely immersed in the
action with the feel of a futuristic gun in their hands!

The BLAZE PS3 Move gun attachment is designed to securely house the PS3 Move
wand, to form the barrel of a highly accurate gaming weapon.
The firing mechanism activates the PS3 Move controllers trigger (T) button
with the true precision and feel needed to put you in the game and lose
yourself in the guts and glory!

Every action button on the PS3 Move controller can still be speedily
accessed via the control window on the top of the BLAZE PS3 Move gun,
allowing you to select and navigate through the game as easily as you did
before, but with a sturdy, reassuring pistol grip.

Installation is easy, open the barrel housing, insert the PS3 Move
controller, close the barrel housing. That really is a simple as it gets!

The BLAZE PS3 Move gun is for those who want that little bit extra from
their gaming, bringing PS3 Move shooting titles to life with enhanced

Jason Cooper, Chairman of BLAZE Europe commented:

"The PS3 Move is the perfect platform for shooting games. Our new PS3 Move
gun will bring together the highly accurate position sensing technology of
the PS3 Move, with the action, look and feel of a futuristic gun, making for
a very realistic gaming experience."

The BLAZE PS3 Move gun will be available at the end of February 2011 from
<> and all leading video game
stores, at a low price of £9.99

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