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Evil Ryu and 'Oni' unlocked in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition [update: video pulled]


Now that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is proliferating throughout arcades, players are rapidly unlocking the two new hidden characters, Evil Ryu and "Oni." Both fighters are strong, with reduced vitality to balance them. "Oni" looks significantly different from Akuma, with glowing white flames for hair. And Evil Ryu, as in previous Street Fighter games, is a stronger, faster version of Ryu with some of Akuma's abilities.

IPlayWinner has compiled full move sets for both characters, allowing you to study up before you attempt to take on the denizens of your local game center. Check past the break for video of both characters in action (with some NSFW commentary from players), and find more at Shoryuken.

Update: Youtube has removed videos featuring the two hidden characters due to copyright claims made by Capcom.

[Thanks, Paul and Jim!]

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