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CardMon Hero offers up colorful new trailer

While CardMon Hero went into open beta last week, the teams at Hanbitsoft, T3fun, and Redbana have just put out a new video offering up some gameplay from the game for you to check out. Why did they wait so long? Well, perhaps they hoped to lure you in to all the card-building dueling action, or maybe they just wanted to film some fun fights featuring players running around the world.

Whatever the companies' reason, if you are curious for a look at this fast-paced free-to-play MMO, and haven't had a chance to check it out, we've tucked the newest video behind the break. With complex card strategies, crafting, and some pretty wicked-looking henchmen to collect, it's a brightly-colored MMO-offering for those who remember playing insane amounts of TCGs in their youth. Also, we've added our gallery full of concept art, screenshots, and more from CardMon Hero for you to enjoy. If you're ready to get into the action, head over to the CardMon Hero site and get signed up!

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