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Beta 5 patch notes posted for RIFT

Eliot Lefebvre

If you've been following RIFT closely over the past few weeks, you know that the fifth beta event has just begun. That means it's time for a new batch of updates, and the staff at Trion Worlds has come through. The notes for the newest event have been posted, and they contain an exhaustive number of changes, including a much-requested public grouping system and a number of UI improvements. There's also the usual collection of bugfixes and changes based on testing feedback.

Many players had requested some sort of open grouping system to coincide with the game's dynamic events, and the new public group system facilitates just that. Although the system still requires clicking a few buttons and flagging yourself as open for public groups, it streamlines the process of getting everyone organized and cooperative during a rift battle. RIFT testers and fans should take a look at the full list of changes before diving into the newest event.

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