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LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile starts leaking at retail

Chris Ziegler

LG's been pulling a good old-fashioned Galaxy S with its midrange Optimus line in the States, having launched on Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and MetroPCS over the past several months -- and the latest to take delivery will be Virgin Mobile, which shouldn't come as a big surprise seeing how Virgin's a Sprint brand. We know this because the so-called Optimus V actually already starting to go on sale in some places, which has led eager buyers to post a few shots and videos of the phone doing its thing in the wild; as you might expect, it's essentially an Optimus S with Virgin software swapped in place of the Sprint stuff. Pricing looks to be $150 off-contract, which is pretty aggressive -- especially when you put it up against the $250 Samsung Intercept. Follow the break for a quick video of this thing out in the concrete jungle.

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