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Namco Bandai teaser site suggests Tales of Graces F localization [update]


Yesterday, Namco Bandai posted a link on Facebook to a series of glyphs on its company site. It turned out each glyph represented a letter, and with the puzzle solved a new site was spelled out: And that site has brought us the blurred image seen above, which bears a notable resemblance to the logo (posted after the break) for Tales of Graces F, the PS3 port of Tales of Graces that was released in Japan in early December. Additionally, the "Richard" in the URL could be a reference to the character of the same name, who appears both as a child and an adult in the game (which could sort of be considered "two Richards").

Even more conclusive evidence that Namco is doing the impossible and actually localizing a Tales game can be found after the break, in the form of the less blurred image that was initially posted on the teaser site, according to NeoGAF poster miladesn.

Namco has refreshed with an even blurrier image and the date "2.2.2011" (February 2).

Update [2/2/11, 3:20PM ET]:
Namco has updated the teaser site with -- if you can believe it -- the blurriest image yet. Additionally, the teased date of "2.2.2011" has been removed. So now what?

Update [2/2/11, 4:30PM ET]: Well, hey now!

You can make out some lettering in the alleged original teaser image:

Compare to the Tales of Graces F logo from the official game site:

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