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Tons of 2K Games and Rockstar DLC on sale through Xbox Live

Are any of your many, many 2K Games or Rockstar titles for Xbox 360 in need of a little expansion? Maybe you'd like to have an Undead Nightmare on the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned? Perhaps a visit to Minerva's Den to settle Jimmy's Vendetta? Itching to sing The Ballad of Gay Tony in ... um, the Underdome? These analogies are escaping us, but our bloodhound-esque nose for value is not: All the aforementioned DLC, as well as quite a few other BioShock 2, Mafia 2, Borderlands and Red Dead Redemption expansions are on sale through Xbox Live until January 31.

There are also a few avatar items discounted, not to mention a few full classic games such as Sid Meier's Pirates and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You're not likely to see a fire sale of this scope on the platform any time soon -- check after the jump for the full list of encheapened items.

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