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Would-be Batman: Arkham City trailer is fishy, let's take a closer look

This is fun! A supposedly leaked trailer billing itself as "Batman: Arkham City - Warner Bros - Trailer Fight" has made its way to French video-sharing site Kewego. The approximately 2-minute clip features our fearless Dark Knight beating up baddies with ... the Joker? Putting aside our canonical concerns about the caped crusader clobbering criminals with the clown prince of crime, a few other things raise immediate bat signals.

Join us after the break for our best world's greatest detective impersonation as we piece together the clues and reveal the truth about this "Trailer Fight."

Now that you've seen the evidence, let's break it down piece by piece:

  1. Isn't the Joker supposed to look different in Arkham City? The first teaser for the forthcoming sequel revealed a Joker that was a little worse for wear following the events of the first game. The video above is clearly Arkham Asylum-era Joker. The still below is what he'll look like in Arkham City.

  2. That urban environment in the "new" trailer certainly doesn't look like Arkham Island, home to Arkham Asylum and eponymous setting of the first game ... but it does look like the first game's Crime Alley DLC challenge map. Watch the below video of the DLC, and we think you'll agree that the setting of the video up top looks identical.

  3. And did that dialog sound ... familiar to you? "Why my dear, delusional Dark Knight, it hasn't even begun." That's because it's lifted straight from Arkham Asylum! You can catch it at the tail end of this trailer:

In short, the video appears to be a fake. It's a really well-made fake, but it's still a fake. Anyone else have a sudden urge to play Batman: Arkham Asylum though?

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