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Clear Skies III teaser trailer released


EVE Online is a game known for producing some fantastic screenshots and video footage. Fan-made videos like Kale Ryoko's Future Proof and Dire Lauthris's Day of Darkness II have proven incredibly popular even among people who don't play EVE. Among the impressive cinematic trailers and PvP videos, one film has always stood out as undeniably the best EVE video ever made. Created partly in EVE Online itself and partly in HalfLife 2's Source engine, Clear Skies follows the adventures of John Rourke and his disheveled crew of a Minmatar battleship that always seems to find itself in trouble.

The first part of the Clear Skies series won first place at Machinima Filmfest 2008, confirming that it wasn't just a hit with EVE's playerbase. The second installment of this popular machinima was as big a hit as the first, securing a cult following of fans demanding a third part to John Rourke's epic space saga. Creator Ian Chrisholm said that he was taking a break from video-making for a while and might then move on to other projects rather than making a third installment in the series. Fans of the series will be glad to know that not only is Clear Skies III definitely being made, but it's also only a few months away from completion. Ian released a trailer for the upcoming video to excited fans earlier this week, stating that the film will be released in three or four months

Skip past the cut to watch the trailer in full HD.

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