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EEDAR's Jesse Divnich estimates NGP will cost $300 to $350

Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst Jesse Divnich has a few ideas about what Sony meant by "an affordable price that's appropriate for the handheld gaming space" when talking about the NGP's launch price. Speaking with GamesIndustry, Divnich predicted that the device would retail for between $299 and $349 at launch, which ... um, seems a little high when compared to other contenders in the "handheld gaming space."

Divnich says that such a price wouldn't be prohibitive to your average Joe or Jane, explaining "The market is ripe for portable high-end gaming. The NGP will be a serious threat to all forms of portable entertainment," and later adding, "After seeing the specs today, if the NGP can't succeed, it is clear that the portable gaming landscape has forever changed." Wait, you're saying the popularity of casual mobile games like Angry Birds might last forever? Forever-ever? Forever-ever?

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