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Sony trots out MDR-XB1000, MDR-XB41EX and MDR-XB21EX headphones

Darren Murph

So, here's a refreshing change of pace. Rather than a new set of cans coming with a superstar's name on them, Sony's just fine with its four-lettered label. And given the success of the Walkman, we'd say it's still elite enough for now. The aforementioned outfit is debuting a trio of new headphones over in Japan, with the MDR-XB1000 cans offering enhanced bass and a certain level of street-cred to those who prefer over-the-ear styles. As for the other two? The MDR-XB41EX and MDR-XB21EX earbuds are both high-end affairs, with unique designs and a rainbow's worth of color choices. Pricing remains up the air, as does the chance for these to head stateside. But hey, there's always hope.

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