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The Daily Grind: Do you let games marinate?


Recently, we've heard how much better Champions Online is since its release a year and a half ago. I admit, I bought the game at launch and didn't play it beyond the first free month. With my favorite game, Star Wars Galaxies, I waited a couple of months after release before I bought it. I am not the only one who has found that some games are better if you wait a while before buying.

DC Universe Online launched this month with buggy chat issues and unintuitive UI features. Many players believed that it should have stayed in production a little while longer while these issues were worked out. In fact, Game Director Chris Cao said that some of these issues will be fixed in the first update.

This year, some of the most anticipated MMOs are scheduled to launch, games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and possibly even Guild Wars 2. How many of this year's games are you going to let sit on the shelf before you play them? How many are you going to hold off on buying until the devs work out the initial bugs?

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