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Ignition completes El Shaddai development


El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Ignition Entertainment's action game about Enoch and his time-traveling pal the devil, has now been completed. The visually dreamy fighter is on track for an April 28 release in Japan, with releases in North America and Europe to be detailed by the publisher "shortly."

Also short: the supply of Edwin's El Shaddai tie-in jeans. Ignition noted that both the "Enoch" and "Lucifel" styles of jeans were sold out within the first three minutes of sale. That suggests either a lot of excitement about this game in Japan, or that they were really nice pants. Ignition will announce "strategic partnerships" with more companies for promotions worldwide, following this success.

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London,UK -January 31, 2011 -- UTV Ignition Entertainment Ltd., A
leading global developer and publisher of original interactive
entertainment, is proud to announce the completion of its Tokyo
Studio's innovative new action adventure game, El Shaddai: ASCENSION
OF THE METATRON for the PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® entertainment
platforms. The highly anticipated game will debut on Thursday, April
28th, 2011 in its native Japan. Details of the subsequent European and
North America launches will be announced shortly.

El Shaddai: ASCENSION OF THE METATRON is an epic original adventure
inspired by an alternate telling of biblical mythology as narrated in
the 'heretical' Book of Enoch, part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The game
has been developed by a 'dream team' internal Japanese studio whose
former credits include iconic multi-million selling franchises such as
Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Okami.

The three-year development cycle of El Shaddai: ASCENSION OF THE
METATRON has been a uniquely cross-cultural endeavor, with a clear
intent to synergize the precise gameplay and compelling artistry of
Japanese game design with a groundbreaking story line inspired by
Western mythology. It also represents the first of several exciting
new blockbuster gaming properties that UTV Ignition Entertainment will
reveal over the coming months.

"The creation of El Shaddai has truly been a long and exciting journey,
and yet there is still much to be done to prepare for the game's
launch. So far, the public's response to the game has been very
encouraging, and I hope that the final product will greatly exceed
their expectations. I also look forward to having time to consider the
future direction of the El Shaddai franchise," said Game Director
Sawaki Takeyasu.

UTV Ignition Entertainment is launching a monumental international
marketing campaign to support El Shaddai: ASCENSION OF THE METATRON
that will aim to mirror the game's disruptive, pioneering spirit.
Japanese fans have already displayed their voracious appetite for El
Shaddai goods, snapping up the entire run of limited edition "Lucifel"
and "Enoch" styles crafted by renowned Tokyo-based designer Edwin
Jeans within three minutes of availability. Look forward to future
announcements of strategic partnerships with goods manufacturers that
will significantly expand the universe of El Shaddai in Japan, Europe,
and North America.
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