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APX Alarm becomes Vivint as it expands into Z-Wave home automation


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Heard of APX Alarm Security Solution? Probably not. But that's ok, it's par for the course when discussing home automation, a market segment mostly ignored by the big boys of consumer electronics. Today APX is making a grand entrance into home automation thanks to a $443 million investment by Goldman Sachs. The company's new lineup of Z-Wave-based automatic door locks, video surveillance, lighting and small appliance controls will be sold under the new Vivint identity. Better yet, the new Z-Wave modules are designed to work with the APX Go!control alarm panels already purchased by some 170,000 customers, according to APX. Look for products to be generally available on March 1st.

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APX Alarm Expands Business Focus, Enters Home Automation Market as Vivint™
PROVO, Utah (February 1, 2011) – APX Alarm Security Solutions, Inc., one of the nation's largest residential security and home services companies, today announced its entry into the home automation market with the launch of new products and services (see Vivint Expands Product Line) and the introduction of its new identity under the name Vivint™. The name change from APX to Vivint is a reflection of the company's expanded direction and capabilities. With this move, the company has transitioned from a residential security company to a provider of simple, affordable home automation services that deliver increased safety, improved energy efficiency, and greater convenience for customers.
According to IMS Research, "The number of smart homes-households that can control their appliances as well as manage their energy consumption via home networking and smart metering technology-is expected to reach 14 million worldwide by 2014."

The name Vivint is derived from the word "vive" meaning "to live," and the word "intelligent." In using this combination, Vivint's mission is clear: to help families "live intelligently" by creating simple, affordable, home automation systems where all devices work together to enhance safety and convenience and improve energy efficiency.

Incorporated in 1999, the company quickly became one of the fastest growing residential security companies in North America. Vivint has consistently climbed the rankings of the Security Dealer Magazine's (SDM) 100 list of largest security installation and monitoring companies. In five short years, the company has gone from being unranked to its current position at number four, and is still rising.

In anticipation of the move into home automation, the company began installing its Go!Control panels for all new customers in 2010. The LCD touch screen panel centralizes all features, and gives customers remote control access via the Internet or smart phones. Today, there are 170,000 customers with the panel. Of those customers, more than 15,000 are already enjoying the benefits of home automation by using energy management features also introduced in 2010.

Vivint will also bring excellent customer service into the home automation industry. With a business model designed for ongoing service and support, Vivint employs certified technicians throughout North America typically available for next day service, as well as 24x7x365 monitoring and customer service support. Because of this excellent service record, the company has been recognized for two consecutive years by J.D. Power & Associates, and was recently selected to join the International Customer Management Institute's "Top 50 Call Centers for Customer Service."

"Vivint is a result of our company's evolution. We have a corporate culture of continual innovation and our new name and identity are a reflection of that innovation," said Todd Pedersen, chief executive officer. "Until now, home automation has been considered a luxury for the elite rather than smarter living available to everyone. We are excited to bring our focus, direction and unique business model into the home automation industry."

For more information on Vivint, visit the company website at

About Vivint
Vivint, Inc. is one of the largest home automation companies in North America. Operating throughout the United States and Canada, the company retains more than 5,000 employees and services close to 500,000 customers. With award-winning customer service and smart technology, Vivint is dedicated to enhancing security, increasing energy efficiency, and creating simple, affordable home automation solutions for its customers. For more information, visit

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